What is PPI?

Researchers sometimes use strange words or short words. 

One short word is PPI. 

So Patient Public 

Involvement becomes PPI

In the early days of research. 

Researchers didn’t talk to the public about their work. 

Today we talk to lots of people.

Before we even start our research.

Flourishing Lives.

Has done a lot of PPI.

We read a lot of books.

We spoke to people with learning disabilities, carers and self advocacy groups.

We put all these pieces 


To come up with our research questions.

For more information.  

Feel free to email me siabhainn.russell@phx.ox.ac.uk 

After the research is finished, we use PPI to find out how to share what we found out.

Being involved in a project can be scary if you’ve never done it before. 

Hopefully taking part will be fun.

Every experience is an important piece of the puzzle.